Mediation and Arbitration fees are calculated on the basis of the sum in dispute. The sum in dispute is finally determined by ICCMCA, on the basis of claims lodged. If a Party bringing a claim is uncertain of the sum in dispute they should consult the Registrar.

Calculated in percentage of the sum in dispute:

Sum in dispute
Panel of
3 Neutrals
Panel of
1 Neutral
<150.000 ........ $6000
>150.000 ........ 2.67%
>500.000 ........ 2.33%
>1.000.000 3.50% 2.00%
>2.000.000 3.00% 1.93%
>5.000.000 2.90% 1.87%
>10.000.000 2.80% 1.80%
>20.000.000 2.70% 1.73%
>50.000.000 2.60% 1.67%

Disputed Sum: Panel Size: 3 Neutrals
1 Neutral

The above fees are the standard rates for Arbitration. Fees are calculated progressively. Given percentages apply to the amount of the claim lying within the given rate brackets, and not the entire amount of the claim. Currency exchanges are per Claimants local central bank rate on date of payment.

For Mediations, the standard fee is 60% of the corresponding Arbitration rate.

If a matter begins as a Mediation but proceeds to Arbitration, and the same Neutral serves as the Arbitrator, the prior paid Mediation fee shall be credited against the Arbitration fee.

If a matter begins as a Mediation but proceeds to Arbitration, and the same Neutral serves as an Arbitrator but the arbitration agreement calls for the appointment of additional Arbitrators, the pro rata full Arbitration fee shall be payable with regard to such additional Arbitrators.

If a matter is initiated as an Arbitration but the Parties agree to engage in Mediation and resolve the matter without an Arbitral Award being issued, ICCMCA may reimburse the Party having paid the Arbitration Fee for the difference between the fee paid and the fee ordinarily due had the matter been initiated as a Mediation.

The fees quoted herein are estimated by ICCMCA to be sufficient to cover all of the costs of ICCMCA and the Neutrals in routine proceedings. It is assumed by ICCMCA that in routine proceedings:

  • The Neutral(s) will not be required to travel outside their immediate vicinity;
  • Evidence brought by the Parties will be sufficient for the Neutral(s) to perform their role;
  • No special venue will be required for meetings beyond an ordinary conference room;
  • The matter can be ordinarily resolved within the time limits provided in the Rules;
  • The Neutral(s) will not require translation services;
  • The Neutral(s) shall be drawn from the standing list of ICCMCA Neutrals OR any Neutrals otherwise selected shall agree to the standard terms and conditions for Neutrals of ICCMCA.

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