ICCMCA is the product of dialogue and cooperation amongst a diverse group of international legal professionals. Though registered and based in the United States, its activities at this time are directed at the heart of Europe, where "East meets West". The founders have been deeply involved in international commerce and investment in the region, and agreed on the need for a truly flexible, impartial and cost effective means of dispute resolution to promote justice and beneficial commercial endeavors.

A key feature of ICCMCA is its emphasis on the use of information technology to increase the speed and reduce the cost of Alternative Dispute Resolution. The website of ICCMCA is continuously developing to be a central element in the daily life of the organization; an active interface whereby parties to disputes and neutrals can be in continuous contact with ICCMCA regardless of their physical location. Technology serves not merely to make the task of administration easier or to simply convey information, but to directly advance the pace of proceedings in every phase.

ICCMCA is continuously extending its network of neutrals in the Baltic States, Nordic Countries and Eastern Europe. Any qualified professional who wishes to be considered as a neutral should feel free to contact the Registrar.

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